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1. Training Objectives

 This major cultivates inter-disciplinary and applied talents adapted to the need of constructing of Socialist market economy who master audit-related theoretical knowledge and professional skills, and have a good command of foreign languages and modern information technology with great practical ability and spirit of innovation, and who can be engaged in internal audit work within large-and-medium-sized enterprises and multinational companies.

2. Major Feature

 IAEP(Internal Auditing Education Partnership Program)program is an inter-disciplinary education program supporting internal auditing which is being promoted within global institutions of higher learning by the Institution of Internal Auditors, IIA, and it makes use of courses within existing accounting and information system. IAEP program is classified into three levels: elite level, cooperation level and junior level. Through the strict evaluation of the specialized committee of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Nanjing Audit University joined IAEP by IIA in September 2007, becoming one of its partner universities. Up to now, 43 colleges and universities joined IAEP program throughout the world, most of which come from the Europe and America, two of which come from Asia, and Nanjing Audit University is one of them that are authorized to carry out internal audit higher learning by IIA. This program adheres to the teaching concept of “Characteristics, Quality, Internationalization”, and strives for new heights in auditing, especially internal auditing. It cultivates brand new internal auditing talents that are adapted to social needs, in order to accelerate the development of Chinese internal auditing industry.

 The IAEP partner school certificate awarded to Nanjing Audit University by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

  Nanjing Audit University has established cooperation with many IAEP partner school worldwide, e.g. student exchange program, teacher exchange program, scientific research partnership, etc. Meantime, teachers and students can participate in various IIA organized global conferences. Through this program, students have access to working or internship opportunities for various global giant companies.

 International Exchange Students are in the campus of the University of Pretoria


 Professors from the University of Texas at Austin are hired as honorary professors of Nanjing Audit University

 Nanjing Audit University established overseas training base in conjunction with Asia Development Bank

3. Main Courses

 Basic Accounting, Management, Internal Control, Principles of Internal Auditing, Cases of Internal Auditing, Audit and Assurance, Finance Management, Intermediate Financial Accounting, IT Auditing, Cost and Management Accounting, Fraud Auditing, Auditing Communication, Performance Auditing, United Nations Audit Practice, Organizational Behavior, Marketing , etc.

4. Diploma

 Upon graduation, apart from certificate of degree and diploma in auditing issued by Nanjing Audit University, students from IAEP elite class that meet requirements shall be awarded IAEP international qualification certificate issued by IIA.



 Diploma, certificate of degree and IAEP certificate awarded to graduates from elite class

 5. Employment Direction and Tendency

 Internal Auditing organizations of large-sized enterprises and public institutions, civil servants, auditors of financial institutions or financial departments, PWC, DTT, KPMG, EY and other social auditing organizations , or continue further education.