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I. Brief Introduction

 ACCA (Association of Charted Certified Accountants) is the largest international professional accountant organization in the world. As an international professional accountant organization entering into China at the earliest, ACCA currently has more than 23,000 members and 48,000 students in China. ACCA provides preferred qualification authentication for professionals engaged in the finance, accounting and management field, always adheres to the highest standard, improves the professional quality of financial and accountancy personnel, professional integrity and supervision competence and adheres to the principle of serving the public interest.

  The ACCA membership is widely accepted internationally, particularly acknowledged by the European Union legislation and the corporation laws of many countries. Hence, an ACCA membership means a permit for employment around the world. The ACCA courses are explored and designed in accordance with the actual requirements to the financial and accountancy personnel in the modern commercial society and emphasize the analysis ability and the decision and judge ability under complicated conditions. The students can gain true skills and genuine knowledge through systematic and high-quality trainings, can adapt various environments after graduation and can become advanced financial management experts with comprehensive management quality gradually. ACCA members can engage in the finance and financial management work in the finance department of industrial and commercial enterprises, audit firms/accounting firms, financing institutions and financial and revenue departments. Many members are appointed with senior positions in multiple corporations around the world.II. ACCA Education in the School.

II. ACCA Education in the School

  In the end of 1997, the School established the ACCA training center and examination center with the authorization of UK, which mainly were responsible for the ACCA trainings and examinations. Now the School has more than 1000 students. In August 2011, the School was rated as the Platinum-grade training institution, which showed that the School had met the high quality assessment requirements of ACCA and had the best course teaching levels and student service quality around the world.

  Since 1997, the School enrolled 19 sessions of specialized ACCA program from the new students of each session. The specialized ACCA program currently is managed by the School of International Audit. The undergraduate major is the auditing major and students can get the same graduation certificate and diploma as the students in the auditing major. The students in the specialized ACCA program may participate the ACCA study and examination while finishing the undergraduate program. If the students in the specialized ACCA program pass the examinations of 14 courses of ACCA, they can get the bachelor certificates and also can get the ACCA Graduate Qualification Certificates awarded by UK. Students according with the conditions can apply for the bachelor degree of Oxford Brookes University and have the chance to apply for the master degree of University of London. Till now, altogether there are 30 students gaining the first score in a single subject around the world or in the mainland. At present, the students in the specialized ACCA program in the School also can enjoy 5 examination-free courses from F1 to F5.

III. Employment of ACCA Students in the School

 The ACCA education combining the academic education with the practice education enhances the competitiveness of students in the employment market. The employment rate and employment level of students graduated from the ACCA major are the highest in the School every year. In recent years, the employment rate of ACCA is stabilized around 98% to 100%. The employment directions are concentrated in financing institutions such as banks, professional service organizations such as the big four accounting firms and various famous enterprises. And quite a number of students choose to further study in famous universities both home and abroad.

 Certificate of the School for the Platinum Training Institution

 May 20, 2015 - Wang Jiaxin's "ACCA Excellence Achievement Award"

 October 2016 in Harbin, the "ACCA Outstanding College Award" granted