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About the School  


Established in 2005, School of International Audit has developed with 83 faculty members, including 17 professors and 23 associate professors. It possesses two international projects: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP). Upholding the education philosophy of Uniqueness, Quality, Internationalization, the School of International Audit has made numerous achievements. In 2002, the echelon of auditing was granted as Excellent Discipline Echelon of Jiangsu; In 2006, the team of Modern Auditing Theory and Method Research as Scientific Creative Team of Jiangsu Colleges “Green and Blue Project”; In 2008, the teaching team of auditing as Excellent Teaching Team of Jiangsu; In 2009, the teaching team of auditing as Excellent Teaching Team of China; In 2007, auditing as the fist-class specialty of Ministry of Education; In 2012, auditing as the Key Specialty for Bachelor Degree of Jiangsu during Twelfth Five-Year plan; In 2015, auditing as the Class-A Specialty of Jiangsu; In 2007, the Auditing Simulation Laboratory as the Exemplary Laboratory Teaching Center of Jiangsu Colleges; In 2015, Data-Oriented Auditing Research Center, jointly built by Central Government and Jiangsu, was established; In 2009, the project, Theoretical and Practical Exploration for Auditing College Education, won the second-place award of China Teaching Merits; In 2011, Modern Auditing Development and Research Center became the key research base of Jiangsu social science disciplines; In 2011, Auditing Science and Technology became the first phase built-up discipline of the Jiangsu Preponderant  Disciplines Construction Project; In 2014, Modern Auditing became the second phase built-up discipline of the Jiangsu Preponderant  Disciplines Construction Project.

In recent years, our teachers have undertaken 9 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, 7 projects of the National Social Science Foundation and over 30 scientific research projects at the provincial and ministerial level. They have completed over 30 monographs and published hundreds of academic papers in professional journals at or above the provincial level, of which 40 were published in leading journals such as Management World, Accounting Research, Science Research Management, Chinese Public Administration, etc. By doing all of these, they have won more than 20 scientific research prizes, of which nearly 10 were at the national level or above the provincial and ministerial level.

The school of Internal Audit has been always practicing the idea of internalized education. In March 1998, the School started enrollment of students specialized in ACCA. In 2008, the School was entitled as “Golden Trainer” by the ACCA Training Center, and NAU as “University that Trained Greatest Number of ACCA Talents Globally”. In 2011, NAU was entitled as “Platinum Trainer”. In 2017, the ACCA Headquarter exempted the examinations of 9 courses for the ACCA students of NAU. In 2007, NAU was rated as the only IAEP “Cooperative” university of China by Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

Under the guidance of “Uniqueness, Quality, and Internalization”, the School of International Audit has won a good reputation after man years of practices and exploration. Therefore, the School has a good source of students with high quality. The employment rate of the graduates from the School is higher than 98%. The major target employers include auditing system, financial system, economic supervision governmental departments, “Big Four” accountants, and other enterprises.