Huijin Wang
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Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Doctor of Management
Post Title: Professor, master tutor of Peking University, Nanjing University and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, doctorial tutor of Jiangsu University
Research Field: Theory and Practice of Auditing
Teaching Curriculum: Principles of Auditing, Enterprise Finance Auditing, Economic Benefit Auditing, Social Auditing and Special Topics on Auditing
Address: 86#, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing City
Post Code: 211815
Educational Background
07/1988 - Graduated from the auditing major of Finance and Accounting Department in Jiangxi Institute of Finance and Economics; then teaching in Nanjing Audit University and studying diligently in Tianjing University of Finance and Economics and Nanjing University as postgraduates and taking degrees as Master of Management and Doctor of Management successively.
Work Experience
1988 - Teaching in Nanjing Audit University after graduation
1993 - Deputy Director of the Teaching and Research Office of the Auditing Department in Nanjing Audit University, Deputy Director of the International Audit Department (conducting affairs), Director of the Key Construction Laboratory of the Audit Information Project, general secretary of the Party, executive vice-president and president of Nanjing Audit University Jinshen Institute
03/2005 - Studying in the Party school of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee,
05/2006 - Vice president of Nanjing Audit University,
06/2006 - Member of standing committee of the Party committee and vice president
12/2015 - Member of standing committee of the Party committee and vice president.
Committee member of the Senior Auditor Review Committee of the Auditing Administration, vice chairman of the Senior Auditor Review Committee of Jiangsu Audit Bureau, vice president of Jiangsu Audit Society, scientific and technological achievements evaluation expert of Jiangsu Science and Technology Bureau, committee member of the academic committee of China Business Accounting Society, committee member of the academic committee of China Internal Audit Association, consultant of East China Power Grid Audit Association
Projects Presided and Participated
Presided or participated in more than ten national and provincial scientific research topics with multiple leading research achievements in the national research domain
Appointed as a member of the Revision Expert Group for the Audit Law by the Audit Administration and the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council, participated in the revision work of the Audit Law and published papers
Engaged in the research of auditing theory and practice, published more than one hundred papers on public issued national periodicals such as Accounting Research, Auditing Research and China Administrative Management, more than ten of which are incorporated into the copy data of the National People’s Congress
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
Six awards on the first prize, second prize and third prize and more than twenty other awards on teaching and scientific research.
Awarded as Excellent Young Key Teacher of Jiangsu Province Regular Institutions of Higher Learning, Advanced Individual of Three Aspects of Education of Jiangsu province, Excellent Educator of Jiangsu Province, Young and Middle-aged Academic Leader of the Qinglan Project of Jiangsu Province Regular Institutions of Higher Learning, Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Leader of the 333 High Level Talented Person Cultivation Project of Jiangsu Province, Outstanding People of Independent Colleges in China, and the principle member of the national auditing teaching team, Jiangsu province excellent subject echelon, Jiangsu province excellent teaching team and Jiangsu province science and technology innovation team. Awarded as Advanced Worker of National Auditing Agencies by the State Personnel Board and the Auditing Administration jointly in December, 2005
Published Works
Published works such as Psychology of Auditing, Risk-oriented Auditing, Knowledge Economy and Modern Auditing, and more than twenty teaching materials such as Principles of Auditing, Enterprise Finance Auditing and Economic Benefits Auditing