Yunjie Jia
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Master’s Degree of Management in Changsha University of Science and Technology
Post Title: Associate Professor
Field of Research: Performance Auditing, Economic Responsibility Audit Theories and Practices, Government Budget and Final Account and Comprehensive Financial Reports Audit
Teaching Curriculum: Auditing、CPA Audit、Performance Auditing、Economic Responsibility Audit
Office: Minzhi 416
Tel: 025-5831-8505
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code: 211815
Educational Background
09/1995 – 07/1999 Henan Polytechnic University   Auditing Major
09/1999 – 06/2002 Changsha University of Science and Technology  Accounting Major
09/2010 - Present Zhongnan University of Economics and Law  Public Finance Major
05/2014 – 10/2014 Audit Office, obtained medium and long term final account auditing training in Australian Federal Government
Work Expeirence
07/2002 - Present Nanjing Audit University  Teacher
Projects Presided and Participated
1. Performance Auditing Study of Overall Development of Agriculture——Based on the Perspective of Case Analysis and Model Improvement(Provincial Philosophy and Social Project)
2. Study of the Performance Auditing Evaluation Indicator System of Service-oriented Government (Project at school level)
3. Key project of Audit Office, Basic Theoretical Study of Economic Responsibility Audit
4. Study of Economic Responsibility Audit Innovation of Internal Control Leaders of CMCC (Lateral Project)
5. Study of the Economic Profits Auditing Evaluation System of Grid Company(Lateral Project)
6. Study of Financial Fund Performance Auditing System (Lateral Project)
7. Study of the Performance Evaluation System of Auditing Institutions (Study Project of the Chinese Socialism Auditing Theoretical System)
Published Papers
1. Audit Outsourcing of Australian Government and Inspiration for Our Country, Auditing Research, 2014(6)
2. A Discussion about the Budget Enforcement Issues of the Overall Development of Agriculture, Financial Supervision, 2014(14)
3. Current Situation, Issues and Innovation of the Economic Responsibility Audit of Internal Control Leaders, Finance and accounting monthly, 2014(3)
4. Approach Study of Construction of the Public Service Performance Auditing Evaluation System——Based on the Perspective of New Public Service Theories, Public Finance Research, 2011(11)
5. Study of Budget Transformation Approach of Citizen-friendly Performance, Audit & Economy Research, 2011(6)
6. The Connection between ERP Simulation Experiment and Economic Profits Auditing Courses, Finance and accounting monthly, 2010(15)
7. A Discussion about Added-value Strategies of Internal Audit Value from the Perspective of Strategies, Audit & Economy Research, 2009(2)
8. A Discussion about the Feasibility of the BSC Application in Performance Auditing Evaluation of Service-oriented Government, China Management Informationization, 2009(3)
9. A Discussion about High Added-value Business of Modern Internal Auditing Based o, Communication of Finance and Accounting, 2008(36)
10. Intensification of the Transformation of Shareholder Structure, Finance and Accounting Study of the Improvement of Governance Effectiveness, 2006(12)
11. A Reflection on the Improvement of Governance Effectiveness, Chinese Certified Public Accountant, 2004(12)
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research

Published Works