Rongbing Huang
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Management Science and Engineering PhD of Harbin Institute of Technology
Post Title: Professor
Field of Research: Public Management and Performance Auditing, Internal Controls and Management Audit
Teaching Curriculum: Management Audit as a Management Tool
Office:  Minzhi, Level 4
Tel: 025-5831-8505
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code: 211815
Educational Background
1990-1994 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Technical Economy Major  Bachelor’s Degree
1999-2002 Harbin Engineering University Business Administration Major Master’s Degree
2003-2006 Harbin Engineering University  Management Science and Engineering Major  Doctor’s Degree
2007-2009 Nanjing University Accounting Major  Postdoctoral Degree
Work Experience
1994-2006 Manager of Technical Economy Evaluation Department and Development Research Center, Daqing Oil Field Co.  
2006 – Present Nanjing Audit University Teacher
Projects Presided and Participated
Presided over 10 national and provincial projects in recent years, such as National Social Science Fund, Humanities and Social Science Fund of Education Department and so on
Published Papers
1. Huang RB.Enviromental Auditing:An Informationized Regulatory Tool of Carbon Emission Reduction,“Energy Procedia”2011,Vols (5)A:6-14
2. Huang Rongbing, Wang Yuetang. Empirical Analysis of the Audit Quality of the Provincial Auditing Institutions in Our Country(2002-2006).Accounting Research, 6th Issue, 2010
3. Huang Rongbing, Dan Jianning, Shi Xian. Economic Responsibility Audit of Party and Government Leaders under the Perspective of Green Economy. Auditing Research, 4th Issue, 2010
4. Huang Rongbing, Zhao Qian. The Realization Mechanism and Approach Innovation of the Environmental Auditing in Taihu Lake Water Pollution Management. China Soft Science, 3rd Issue, 2010
5. Huang Rongbing. Study of Economic Transformation in Resource Exhausted Area. Economic Science Press, 2010
6. Huang Rongbing, Li Yuhui. Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights and Auditing Supervision under the Perspective of Public Finance. Taxation Research, 3rd Issue, 2009
7. Huang Rongbing. How to Break Resources Curse in Resource-based Cities. Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 3rd Issue, 2009
8. Huang Rongbing, Wang Liyan. Economical Transformation of Resource-based cities: Interpretation from the Perspective of Urban Management. Chinese Public Administration, 2nd Issue, 2009  
9. Huang Rongbing. Intergovernmental management, Collaboration and System Innovation. Economics Information, 1st Issue, 2009
10. Huang Rongbing, Wang Yuetang. How to Break Resources Curse for Resource-based Economy——Based on Experiential Data of China. Jianghai Academic Journal, 2nd Issue, 2009
11. Huang Rongbing, Zhao Qian. Exploration and Analysis of the Tax Support Policies during Economic Transformation in Resource-based Cities. Taxation Research, 11th Issue, 2008
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17. Huang Rongbing, Hu Yunquan. Measures of Order Degree of Industrial Structure – Based on the Perspective of Entropy. Chinese Journal of Management Science, 1st Issue, 2006
18. Huang Rongbing, Hu Yunquan, Zhang Dayong. An Optimized Model of Mining District Transformation Project Based on Resources Transferring. The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, 4th Issue, 2005
19. Huang RB,Li YH, Qi XL.“Research of Contruction Project Investment Appraisal Mode Based on Sustainable Development Theory”. COLLABORATION AND DEVELOPMENT ON CONTRUCTION & ESTATE MANAGEMENT. Vols.1 & 2:677-681, 2006
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
1. 2009/2011,Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Leaders of “333 Project” of Jiangsu Province;
2. 2010/2012, “My favorite teacher” of Nanjing Audit University
Published Works