Xiaodan Wang
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Doctor of Economics of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Post Title: Lecturer
Field of Research: Public Choice, Public Budgeting, Government Audit
Teaching Curriculum: Auditing, Government Audit
Office:  Minzhi Building 416
Tel:   025-5831-8505
Email:   nauwxd@nau.edu.cn
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code:   211815
Educational Background
09/1997 – 06/2001 Department of Meteorology, Chengdu University of Information Technology Meteorology Major Bachelor of Science  
2006.09-2012.06 School of Public Economics and Management, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Finance Major Master-doctor Continuous Study
Work Experience
07/2001 – 08/2006 Short-term Weather Forecaster in Meteorological Observatory of Henan Province
07/2012.07 – Present Teacher of Nanjing Audit University
Projects Presided and Participated
1. Auditing Study of the Same-level Financial Statement Draft under the Modern Perspective of National Governance, Government Auditing Research Fund, Project Grant Number: GAS161023 (Project Leader);
2. Study of Effect of Opening of Auditing Results based on Communication Effect Theory on Corruption Control, State Social Science Fund Project, Project Grant Number: 15BJY019 (involved)
3. Study of Financial problems during the Institutional Construction in Modern Western Countries, National Social Science Fund Project, Project Grant Number: 13BZZ015 (involved)
Published Papers
1. Gao Jun, Wang Xiaodan, 2012, How the “Provincial Directly Governing County” Advances Economic Growth: Empirical Analysis based on data of 2004—2009 of Jiangsu Province, Journal of Finance and Economics, 3rd Issue, 2012.
2. Gao Jun, Wang Xaodan, 2013, Empirical Research of Wagner’s Law based on Threshold Vector Co-integration Model, Statistics and Decision, 13th Issue, 2013.
3. Yu Yiwen, Wang Xiaodan, 2014, Thinking about the Federal Budgeting Stalemate of the U.S. under the Framework of Government Administration: Form of Expression, Origin of Institution and its Inspiration, Journal of Nanjing Audit University, 4th Issue, 2004.
4. Wang Xiaodan, Yu Yiwen, 2015, Deep Analysis of the U.S. Debt Issue and China’s Choice of Coping Strategy, Journal of Nanjing Audit University, 1st Issue, 2015.
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
Published Works
1. Liu Shougang, Wang Xiaodan,2015, Classics in the Theory of Public Finance (Translated Work), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press, Semtember, 2015