Hua Li
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree:Master’s Degree of Accounting in Tianjin University of Finance & Economics
Post Title: Associate Professor
Field of Research: Theory of Auditing, Financial Fraud
Teaching Curriculum: Fraud Audit, CPA Audit
Office:  Minzhi 415
Tel: 025-5831-8034
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code: 211815
Educational Background
09/1993 – 06/1997   Nanjing Audit University Auditing Major Bachelor of Business Administration
08/2001 - 07/2004 Tianjin University of Finance & Economics Accounting Major Master of Management
Work Experience
08/1997 – Present Nanjing Audit University Teacher
Projects Presided and Participated
1. Empirical Study of Improvement of Governance Capability of Local Government Promoted by National Audit (Wang Sumei)
2. Time Effect Evaluation and Improvement Study of Nanjing Audit Inverted Classrooms Model - Taking Inverted Classroom Teaching in Advanced Financial Accounting by Lu Guoping as an Example (Qu Yaohui)
3. Specialized Development of Academic Journals under Big-data Era (Yang Zhihui)
4. Innovation of Audit Practical Teaching and Application Research (Li Zhaodong)
5. Investigation Strategies of Fraud of Internal Auditors and Report Tendency Research: Cognitive Perspective (Ju Jie)
6. Study of Basic Theories of Economic Responsibility Audit (Liu Shilin)
7. Study of Added-value Internal Audit Mechanism and Options of Realization Approach (Chen Jiaoyan)
8. Study of National Economic Security and Governmental Audit (Yin Ping)
9. Study of the Positioning of Governmental Audit Responsibility under the Framework of National Economic Security (Wang Sumei)
10. Study of the Construction of Harmonious Society and Governmental Financial Audit Responsibility (He Xiuxing)
11. Study of the Government Performance Audit Evaluation Standard Based on the Perspective of New Public Service Theory (Jia Yunjie)
12. Study of the Development of Commercial Banks Internal Audit under Information Environment (He Xiuxing)
13. Study of Datamation Basics of Performance Audit Evaluation System (Liu Shilin)
14. Study of the Principles of Enterprise Merging (Shi Xian)
15. Study of Government Performance Audit System(Liu Shilin)
16. Review of the Research History of Audit Theory, Remodeling of Audit Theory System Structure (Yi Renping)
17. Recording of Internal Audit Video Courses (Chen Yanjiao)
18. Establishment of Economic Responsibility Audit System of the Water System (Li Hua)
19. Annual Experiential Curriculum Construction of 2008 (Li Hua)
Published Papers
1. Li Hua, Innovation of National Audit Model with Chinese Characteristics——Based on Fraud-oriented Audit, Communication of Finance and Accounting (Comprehensive) , 01/2015
2. Li Hua, Innovation of National Audit Model with Chinese Characteristics Based on Fraud-oriented Audit, Communication of Finance and Accounting (Comprehensive), 12/2014
3. Li Hua, Preliminary Exploration of Fraud-oriented Audit Model, Finance and accounting monthly, 01/2013
4. Li Hua, Earnings Management and Equity Refinancing Analysis Based on Myers and Majluf Model, Business Research, 12/2012
5. Li Hua, Connotation Evolvement of the “Economic Responsibility” in Economic Responsibility Audit in Our Country, Communication of Finance and Accounting (Comprehensive), 11/2012
6. Li Hua, To Predict the Construction of Fraud Audit Curriculum from the Development Tendency of Fraud Audit, The Science Education Article Collects, 12/2010
7. Li Hua, The Content of Government Audit Preservation of National Economic Security, Commercial Times, 12/2010
8. Li Hua, Some Reflections on the Establishment of Fraud Audit Course of Universities’ Bachelor’s Degree of Audit—— Based on the Discussion about the Reformation of Personnel Training Program of Nanjing Audit University, The Science Education Article Collects, 12/2010
9. Li Hua, Motivation Analysis of Internal Audit Outsourcing under the Perspective of Modern Enterprise Theory, Financial Accounting Analysis, 05/2010
10. Li Hua, Motivation and Inspiration of Internal Audit Outsourcing, Internal Auditing in China, 01/2010
11. Li Hua, Domestic and Foreign Research Overview and Inspiration of Modern Risk-oriented Audit, Financial Accounting Analysis (Lanzhou), 08/2008
12. Li Hua, Discussion about Internal Audit of Commercial Banks, CO-Operative economy & Science, 08/2008
13. Li Hua, An Reflection on the Construction of Open-classroom Teaching Model for Audit Major, The Science Education Article Collects, 11/2007
14. Li Hua, Analysis of the Influences Imposed by the Amendment of Corporation Law on Certified Public Accountant Industry in Our Country, Communication of Finance and Accounting, 10/2006
15. Li Hua, Study of the Marketing Strategy of Accounting Firms based on the Relationship Marketing Theory, Chinese Certified Public Accountant, 04/2006
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
Published Works
1. Li Hua (1st author), Fraud Auditing ,Times Economy Press, 08/2013
2. Chen Danping (1st author), Analytical Procedure Auditing Method, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Press, 07/2012
3. Li Fengming (1st author), Auditing Principles, Fudan University Press, 02/2011