Zhijuan Ma
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Doctor of Economics in Nanjing University
Post Title:Professor
Field of Research: Government Audit
Teaching Curriculum: Auditing, Fundamentals of Auditing
Office:  Minzhi 401
Tel:   025-5831-8505
Email: mzj88@sina.com
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code:   211815
Educational Background
09/1990 – 06/1994 Nanjing University of Finance & EconomicsDepartment of Statistics, Statistics MajorBachelor
09/1996 – 06/1999 Nanjing Agricultural UniversityDepartment of Agricultural Economy, Agricultural Economy and Management MajorMaster of Management
09/2003 – 06/2011 Nanjing UniversityDepartment of Economics, Political Economics Major Doctor of Economics
Work Experience
08/1999 – Present Nanjing Audit UniversityTeacher
Projects Presided and Participated
1.The Research on the Accountability Mechanism of Government Environmental Responsibility List and Performance Audit, the General Project of National Social Science Fund, Project Grant Number: 16BZZ070 (Project Leader)
2.Research on the Evaluation System and Accountability Mechanism of Environmental Responsibility Audit of Leading Cadres, the Ministry of Education Planning Fund Project in 2014, Project Grant Number: 14YJA630041 (Project Leader)
3.A Study on the Outgoing Audit of Natural Resources Assets of Leading Cadres, Key Research Topics for the Audit Commission in 2016-2017, Project Grant Number: 16SJ02002 (Project Leader)
4.Study on the Strategy of Environmental Protection and Comprehensive Treatment in Jiangsu - Based on the Perspective of Government Environmental Responsibility Audit, Government Audit Research Project in Nanjing Audit University in 2016, Project Grant Number: GAS161052 (Project Leader)
5.Research on Environmental Responsibility Audit of Leading Cadres based on Accountability, the Universities Philosophy and Social Science FundSponsored Project from Department of Education in Jiangsu in 2014, Project Grant Number: 2014SJB189 (Project Leader)
6.Research on the Path of National Audit Supervision of the Public Power Operation, the Universities Philosophy and Social Science FundSponsored Project from Department of Education in Jiangsu in 2013, Project Grant Number: 2013SJB790041 (Project Leader)
7.Research on Accountability System of Economic Responsibility Audit,Jiangsu Social Science ResearchApplication of Excellent Subject,Project Grant Number: 12SYC-089 (Project Leader)
Published Papers
1.Ma Zhijuan, Wei Xiaoquan, Liu Shilin. Research on the Demand of National Audit Information – From the Perspective of Administrative Power Counterbalance, “Accounting Research” 12th Issue, 2015
2.Ma Zhijuan, Liu Shilin, Research on the Nature of National Audit, “Accounting Research” 11th Issue, 2012
3.Ma Zhijuan.Path of Ecological Civilization Construction of Environmental Audit Service, “Guangming Daily” (Theoretical Edition) 2015-11-14 7th
4.Ma Zhijuan, Liang Siyuan, Research on the Path of Full Coverage of Supervision for Government Environmental Responsibility Audit under the Background of Big Data, “Audit Research” 5th Issue, 2015,
5.Ma Zhijuan, Wei Xiaoquan, Research on Government Environmental Responsibility Audit and Accountability Path under the Background of Ecological Civilization, “Audit Research” 6th Issue, 2014
6.Ma Zhijuan, Corruption Administration, Government Accountability and Economic Responsibility Audit, “Audit Research” 6th Issue, 2013
7.Ma Zhijuan, Ding Junbo, Government Performance Audit and Corruption Administration, “Communication of Finance and Accounting” 12th Issue, 2014
8.Ma Zhijuan, Ding Junbo, Construction of Performance Audit Evaluation Index System of Financial Management forthe Affordable Housing, “Finance and accounting monthly” Last Halfof 12th Issue, 2014
9.Ma Zhijuan, ZongXinxing, Research on Outgoing Audit of Natural Resources Assets and Responsibility Recourse, “Fiscal Supervision (Accounting Version)” 8th Issue, 2014,
10. Xia Han, Ma Zhijuan, A New Probe into the Origin of National Audit, “Fiscal Supervision (Accounting Version)” 9th Issue, 2014
11. Ma Zhijuan, National Audit and Corruption Governance –Reflection on the Regime and System, “Chinese Agricultural Accounting” 7th Issue, 2013
12. Ma Zhijuan, Jiang Jinman, Discussion on the Development Strategy of Economic Responsibility Audit under the background of the Reform of the Ministry System, “Fiscal Supervision” 10th Issue, 2013
13. Ma Zhijuan, QuYaohui, Ding Junbo, Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Audit, “Internal Audit of China” 11th Issue, 2013
14. Ma Zhijuan, Zhu Yuhui, How to Improve the Corporate Internal Control under ERP Environment, “Accounting and Auditing” 1st Issue, 2013
15. Ma Zhijuan, Liu Shilin, Discussion on the Construction of “Large Audit System” National Economic Supervision System and Its Dynamic Mechanism, “Friends of Accounting” 12th Issue, 2012
16. Ma Zhijuan, Discussion on the Reform of Auditing Practice Teaching, “Internal Audit of China” 10th Issue, 2012
17. Lei Junsheng, Ma Zhijuan, Audit Accountability from the Perspective of National Administration, “Friends of Accounting” 5th Issue, 2012
18. Ma Zhijuan, Huang Shanshan, Reflections on the Construction of Proliferation-Type Internal Audit for the Commercial Banks, “Internal Audit of China” 3rd Issue, 2011
19. Ma Zhijuan, Wang Zesong, Incorporating the Carbon Audit into the Scope of Economic Responsibility Audit, “China Audit” 10th Issue, 2011
20. Ma Zhijuan, Zhang Yi, Violation and Governance of Speculation in the Stock Market for Senior Executives in Listed Companies, “Accounting and Auditing” 11th Issue, 2011
Rewards for Teaching and Scientific Research
1.Ma Zhijuan et al. Survey Report on the Implementation of Nanjing Mechanism for Ecological Compensation and the Situation of Capital Management and Use.2015.10 (Third Place of Excellent Achievementsin Nanjing Philosophy and Social Science in 2016; Second Place of Excellent Achievements of Excellent Project in Jiangsu Social Science Application Research)
2.Ma Zhijuan, Wei Xiaoquan, Liu Shilin.Research on National Audit Information Requirement——based on the View of the Counterbalance the Administration Power [J]. Accounting Research,2015(12) (Third Place of Excellent AchievementsJiangsu Universities Philosophy and Social Science Research in 2016)
3.Ma Zhijuan et al. Research on Auditing the Government Environment Policy – Take the Example of Rural Environmental Pollution Improvement/Proceedings of China Audit Society “Audit on Implementation of Policy and Measurement” Symposium, 2015.10 (Third Place of Excellent Research Papers in China Institute of Auditing of Auditing Administration in 2016)
4.Lei Junsheng, Ma Zhijuan.Audit Accountability under the View of National Administration [J]. Friends of Accounting, 2012(5)(Second Place of Excellent Achievementsin 13th Session of Philosophy and Social Science inthe Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2014)
5.Ma Zhijuan, Liu Shilin.Research on the Nature of National Audit – Based on the Functional Integration View of National Administrative Supervision System [J]. Accounting Research,2012(11) (Third Place of Excellent Achievements in Jiangsu Universities Philosophy and Social Science Research)
6.Ma Zhijuan. Discussion on the Reformation Strategy of Auditing Practical Education [J].Internal Audit of China, 2012(10)(Third Place of Excellent Research Papersin Jiangsu Universities Teaching and Management Seminar in 2013)
Published Works