Min Ni
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Doctor of Accounting of Xiamen University
Post Title: Lecturer
Field of Research: Financial Accounting, Financial Fraud, CPA Auditing, Fraud Auditing
Teaching Curriculum: Fraud Auditing, Auditing
Office: Minzhi Building 401
Tel: 025-5831-8505
Email: nm2004@126.com
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code: 211815
Educational Background
09/1997 – 06/2001 Nanjing Audit University Auditing Major undergraduate course
09/2001 – 06/2004 Jiangsu University Accounting Major Master Degree Candidate
09/2009 – 06/2013 Xiamen University Accounting Major Doctoral Candidate
Work Experience
08/2001 –Teacher of Present Nanjing Audit University
Projects Presided and Participated
1. Project of Universities’ Philosophy and Social Sciences Research of Jiangsu Province (2016SJD630017): Study of Fraud Auditing based on Supply Chain Business under Integrated Perspective (Project Leader)
2. Project of Universities’ Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund of Jiangsu Education Department (09SJD630054): Study of Effect of Audit Committee and Auditors Co-governance (involved in its 2/8)
3. Project of Humanities and Social Science Fund of Jiangsu Education Department (2010SJB630041) : Study of Occurrence Mechanism of Big Stakeholders’ Profit Transferring Behavior during Connected Transaction (Involved in its 3/7)
4. Project of Natural Science Research of Jiangsu Education Department (12KJB18004): Study of Investigation Strategy and Reporting Tendency of Internal Auditors’ Fraud: Perspective of Perception (Involved)
5. Project of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province (13WTB015) (Involved in its 2/5)
Published Papers
1. Ni Min, Li Hua, Auditing Countermeasure of Imputed Income in Listed Company, Finance & Accounting, 2016.19: 65-67
2. Ni Min, Huang Shizhong, Surplus Management of Non-opportunism Motive: Review of Connotation Analysis and Empirical Study, Audit &Economy Research, 2014, 01: 67-76.
3. Ni Min, Huang Shizhong, Motivation Analysis of Share Ration in the Listed Companies: Encircling Money or Investing Good Projects? Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 2013,06:86-95.
4. Ni Min, Ethical Analysis of Surplus Management, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 2012, 06: 244-249.
5. Ni Min, Zhang Yaozhong, Mystery of Declined Performance of Public Company in our Country after Share rationing: Analysis based on Asymmetric Information and Principal-agent Theory, Journal of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, 2012,10: 77-87.
6. Ni Min, Li Hua, Analysis of Surplus Management and Equity Refinancing based on Myers and Majluf Model, Commercial Research, 2012,12: 89-96.
7. Ni Min, Analysis of Value Creation in Listed Companies under the Contrastive Perspective of EVA and Accounting Profit, Finance and Accounting Monthly, 2012,08: 8-11.
8. Ni Min, International Comparison and Revelation of Accounting Handling of Borrowing Costs, Finance and Accounting Monthly, 1st Issue, 2009: 40-42.
9. Ni Min, Study of Practical Teaching Pattern of Auditing Major, Communication of Finance and Accounting, 7th Issue, 2009: 53-55.
10. Ni Min, Relative Discussion about New Accounting Standards NO.14 – Introducing Fair Value into Income issue, Accounting Learning, 2006.06.
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
Published Works
Participated in Compiling of Fraud Auditing (Edited by Li Hua), Times Economic Publishing House,2013.08