Fang Huang
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: PhD student of Nanjing University
Post Title: Lecturer
Field of Research: Auditing, Financial Fraud, Internal Controls
Teaching Curriculum: Accounting Simulation Experiment
Office:  Minzhi401
Tel:   025-5831-8505
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code:   211815
Educational Background
Graduated from School of Business, Nanjing University, Current Accounting PhD student in Accounting Department of Nanjing University
Job Resume
08/1998 – 05/2005 Served in the Department of Finance and Economics Administration of Shenzhen Huawei Technology Co. Ltd.
Projects Presided and Participated
Currently participating the Project of Humanities and Social Science Research Planned Fund of Education Department; Project funded by the Universities’ Philosophy and Social Science Research Fund of Jiangsu (2014SJB189)
Published Papers
1. Can the Localization of Independent Directors Increase Companies’ Earnings Quality? 1/1, Economy and Management, 05/2016
2. Influences Imposed by the Localization of Independent Directors on the Management of Companies’ Earnings Quality, 1/2, The Theory and Practice of Finance and Economics (CSSCI source journal),01/2016
3. Related Transactions、New Auditing Principles and Audit opinions According to the experiential data of A-share listed companies from 2006 to 2012, 1/2, Securities Market Herald (CSSCI source journal),06/2015
4. New Idea of Optimizing Universities’ Accounting Simulation Experiment, 1/2, Securities Market Herald (BEIDAHEXIN),09/2015
5. The Classification of Business Financial Fraud and its Audit Ideas, 1/3,The Chinese Certified Public Accountant (BEIDAHEXIN),03/2015
6. To View the Analytical Procedure from Data Sources,1/2,Finance & Accounting (CSSCI source journal including extended edition),11/2014
7. The Degree of Financial Restatement, the Nature of Control Power and Audit Opinions——according to the experiential data of A-share listed companies from 2006 to 2013,1/2,Modern Management Science(CSSCI source journal including extended edition),11/2014
8. Cash Flow Fraud of Listed Companies and its Audit Ideas, 1/1, Finance & Accounting (CSSCI source journal including extended edition),2014.3
9. To View Audit Strategies from Several Fraud Listing Cases,2/2,Accounting Learning, 11/2014
10. The Influences Imposed by the Residential Value Setting of Financial Leasing Assets on Leasers’ Profits,1/2, Finance and accounting monthly (BEIDAHEXIN), 31st Issue, 2010, 11/2010
11.Different Preference of Leasing Types and Realization Approach,1/1, Communication of Finance and Accounting (BEIDAHEXIN), 19th Issue, 2011
12.The Added-value Tax Planning during Purchasing Stage,1/2, Jiangsu Commercial Forum (BEIDAHEXIN), 07/2007
13. Temporary Deposits Estimation of Small Discussion Materials,1/1, Finance and accounting monthly (BEIDAHEXIN),07/2007
14. New Design of Basic Accounting Simulation Experiment,1/1, China Management Informationization,11/2008
15.Related Reflection on Internal Controls Triggered by a Recurring Payment under the ERP System,1/2, China Management Informationization, 12/2008
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
Published Works
1. Accounting Simulation Experiment,1/1,Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Press, August, 2015