Fang Zhou
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Department of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Last Degree: Doctoral Student
Field of Research:Financial Auditing and Fraud Auditing
Office:  4th Floor, Minzhi Building
Tel: 025-5831-8505
Mailing Address:#86 Yushanxi Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Post Code:   211815
Educational Background
Graduated in 2000 as an Accounting Major from Northeastern University
2000 – 2003 Master Degree Candidate, Accounting Major, Harbin University of Commerce
Working Experience
Lectorate of Nanjing Audit University
Projects Presided and Participated
1. Participated and Concluded the Project of Research on Cost Management Issues of Informationalized Auditing
2. Participated and Concluded the Project of Research on the Coordination Mechanism of Jiangsu Financial Auditing and Financial Supervision.
3. Participated and Concluded the Project of Research on the Criteria of Enterprise Merger.
Papers Published
1. Zhou Fang. Research on the Influence of Accounting Criteria Reform on QFII Investment – Based on the Perspective of Comparability of Accounting Criteria. [J]. Academic Journal of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics,2015,(12):103-112.
2. Zhou Fang. The Application of Letter of Confirmation in Fraud Auditing [J]. Finance and Accounting,2012,(02):60-61. (fully reprinted on replicated journals of Renmin University of China)
3. Zhou Fang. Discussion on the Transformation of Disclosure Method of Information on Equity-and-efficiency-oriented Internal Controls [J]. Financial Accounting Analysis,2011,(23):36-39.
4. Zhou Fang. Research on Methods of Applying Data Mining Techniques in Identifying Financial Statement Fraud [J]. Accounting and Finance,2010,(03):39-43.
5. Zhou Fang. Cost Changes of Government Auditing in the Context of Computer Auditing and Countermeasures [J]. Communication of Finance and Accounting (General Version),2008,(04):59-60. (Fully reprinted on replicated journals of Renmin University of China)
6. Xu Li, Zhou Fang. Institutional Design of Financial Supervision and Financial Auditing Information Sharing [J]. Financial Perspectives Journal,2007,(23):46-49.
7. Zhou Fang. Research and revelation of Teaching Status of Financial Auditing Courses [J]. Audit Monthly,2006,(18):16-17.
8. Zhou Fang. Ways of Improving Internal Auditing Quality [J]. Contemporary Economics,2005,(07):62-63.
9.Yin Ping, Zhou Fang. Basic Trend of Current Financial Fraud and Thinking of Countermeasures – Positive Analysis of 186 auditing cases published in 26 domestic journals [J]. Auditing Research,2004,(01):63-67.
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
1. Supervised a piece of undergraduate thesis in 2015, which was elected school-level outstanding graduation thesis.
2. Theories and Practice of Government Audit was awarded jiangsu provincial-level premium teaching materials in june 2009
3. Government Auditing was chosen as provincial-level premium course in April 2008
Works Published
1. Participated in the writing of Theories and Practice of Government Auditing (First Edition February 2008) (China Financial and Economic Publishing House)