Han Xia
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Doctor of Archaeology and Museology, Nanjing University
Post Title: Associate Professor
Field of Research: Audit History, Government Audit
Teaching Curriculum: Audit History, Government Audit
Office: Minzhi Building 416
Tel: 13851731787
Email: xiahan@nau.edu.cn
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code: 211815

Educational Background
Nanjing University History Major Bachelor of Archaeology and Museology
Nanjing University Archaeology and Museology Major Master of Archaeology and Museology
Nanjing University Archaeology and Museology Major Doctor of Archaeology and Museology
Work Experience
2006 – Present Teacher of Nanjing Audit University
Projects Presided and Participated
1. Projects Funded by Jiangsu Universities’ Philosophy and Sociology Research Foundation: Study of Pre-audit System and Thought of the Republic of China (2014SJB204) (Project Leader Xia Han)
2. Humanities and Sociology Project of Ministry of Education in 2011: Study of the Innovation of Government Audit Theory System Guided by National Economic Security Objectives, (Project Leader Yin Ping) (Concluding in Year 2013) (I Rank the Second Place)
3. General Project of the National Social Science Fund, Research on the Audit Law of the Song Dynasty (14BZS104) (Project Leader Xiao Jianxin) (Ranking the Second Place)
Published Papers
1. Xia Han: Difficulties and Countermeasures of General Education of University of Finance and Economics, Higher Education Forum, 3rd Issue, 2009.
2. Xia Han: Textual Criticisms and Explanations of the Couple of Huai Rou, Bo Shiju and Epitaph of Shi Jian in the Ming Dynasty, Chinese Historical Relics, 2nd Issue, 2009.
3. Xia Han: On Model Burials Unearthed from the Ming Tombs in South of the Yangtze River, Jianghan Archaeology, 2nd Issue, 2010.
4. Xia Han, Jiang Daming: Review of Modern Government Audit System From the Perspective of Institutional Transplantation, Audit and Economy Research, 4th Issue, 2011. Reprinted by Periodical Literatures Database of Renmin University of China
5. Xia Han, Yin Ping, Qi Zhendong: On the Environment of Department Audit System in Early Period of the Tang Dynasty and Its Enlightenment, Audit Research, 4th Issue, 2011.
6. Xia Han, Liu Shilin: On the Internal Control of Granary Management in the Tang Dynasty, The Journey of Learning, 5th Issue, 2011.
7. Xia Han: Historical Research On Government Audit and National Economic Security, Written by Yin Ping et al.: Government Audit and National Economic Security, China Modern Economics Publishing House, December 2011.
8. Xu Li, Xia Han: Construction of Government Audit Culture From the Angle of Administrative Ethics, Social Sciences in Nanjing, 10th Supplement Issue, 2012.
9. Xia Han: On Pre-audit of Treasury Payment of the Republic of China——From An Audited Payment of the Republic of China, China Audit Newspaper, October 24th, 2012, 8th Edition.
10. Xia Han: On Pre-audit and Its Institutional Environment of the Republic of China, Audit Research, 1st Issue, 2013. 32-37
11. Xia Han: On the Formation of Stone Inscription System of Huang Ling and Xiao Ling of the Ming Dynasty, National Museum Journal, 3rd Issue, 2013.
12. Xia Han: Review of the Pre-audit System of the Republic of China, Journal of Nanjing Audit University, 1st Issue, 2014.
13. Xia Han, Ma Zhijuan: A New Probe Into the Origin of National Audit, Financial Supervision, 26th Issue, 2014 (Reprinted Literatures of Renmin University of China, Audit Digest, November 2014, Full Text Reprinted.)
14. Xia Han: Study of the Thought of Pre-audit System of the Republic of China, Research on Financial and Economic Problems, 3rd Issue, 2016.
15. Xia Han: The Professionalization of State Audit in Modern China: Historical Development and Inspiration, Journal of Nanjing Audit University, 6th Issue, 2016.
Awards for Teaching and Scientific Research
1. Third Place of Achievement Award of the Eighth Philosophy and Social Science Research for Universities in Jiangsu Province of 2013 (Government Audit and Economic Security (China Modern Economics Publishing House, 2012) (Project Leader Yin Ping, I Rank the Second Place)
Published Works
1. Guo Lixin, Xia Han: The Interaction and Cultural Change of Ancient Ethnic Groups in the Xia Jiang Area (Second Author) Responsible for 150,000 Chinese Words), Science Press, 2010.