Jiemin Dai
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School of International Audit, Nanjing Audit University
Highest Degree: Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Doctor
Post Title: Lecturer
Field of Research:
Teaching Curriculum: Science of Auditing, Basic Accounting
Office: Minzhi 409
Tel: 025-5831-8505
Email: daijiemin@163.com
Mailing Address: #86, West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing
Postal Code:   211815
Educational Background
09/1997-06/2001 Nanjing Audit University ACCA Major Bachelor of Management
09/2006-06/2008 Jiangsu University Accounting Major Master of Accountancy
09/2010 –Present Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Accounting Major Doctor of Accountancy
Work Expeirence
09/2003- Preset Nanjing Audit University Teacher
ACCA Associate Member
Projects Presided and Participated
1. 2010 School-level Project of Nanjing Audit University: Empirical Study of the Relationship between Internal Control Risks of Listed Companies and Nongovernmental Auditing Fee (NSK2009/C09), Completed
Published Papers
1. Does Firms’ Expert Affect Analyst Forecasts? China Journal of Accounting Studies (Accounting Research– English Edition),2017 (1), Corresponding Author, Third Place.
2. Corporate Motivation, Auditor Reputation and Voluntarily Provided Assurance Report on Internal Control, Accounting Research,2nd Issue, 2012, Second Place.
3. Control Risk, Risk Premium and Auditing Fee- Empirical Evidence from 2007 Annual Reports from the SZSE-Listed Companies, Audit & Economy Research, 3rd Issue, 2010, First Place.
4. Analysis of Earnings Management Behavior of Share- allotting Companies, Audit& Economy Research, Audit & Economy Research, First Issue, 2008, First Place.
5. Is Auditing Independence Deficient in Allotment of Shares? –Empirical Evidence from the Listed Companies from2001 to 2005, Journal of Nanjing Audit University, 2nd Issue, 2008, First Place.
6. Cash Management Philosophy - Reconstruction of Logical Relations within Financial Statements, Communication of Finance and Accounting (Comprehensive Edition), 9th Issue, 2006, Second Place.
Rewards for Teaching and Scientific Research
1. 2007 Excellent Master’s Paper of Jiangsu University
2. 2012 Excellent Paper of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
Published Books